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About us

The company DAR Deutsche Alurad GmbH was founded in 2014 as an owner-managed company located in Meissen, Germany. In 2015 the company moved to Dresden, the capital of Saxony.

With our two brands, R3 Wheels and Messer, we offer 1-piece and 3-piece alloy wheels for the aftermarket as well as for tuning and car shows. While R3 Wheels aims at a group of car owners who wish to customize their vehicle with sporty high-quality rims for an appealing price, Messer stands for individuality and extravagance. Its designs are polarizing and set a benchmark for new trends.

A team of young and competent employers continously search for new design ideas, bring them on paper and onto the street.

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What we do


design, construction, documentation



storage, shipping



B2B, B2C

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Wheel Design Development Process

Developing a new wheel is a very long and complex process, which involves the evaluation of statistics and market analyses. Our team, i.e. the departments for design, sales and marketing, determine the outline of the project. They decide which dimensions and applications are developed for which cars.

wheel development

3D Development

With the help of drawings and by using a construction software a 3D model is created on the computer. Already during the first stages of construction we pay attention to vehicle specifics such as the form of the brakes and EU directives.

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The processes of 3D development and optimization influence each other very much. By using state-of-the-art 3D simulation and calculation methods the wheel is improved in terms of design, strength and weight.

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3D Rendering

Another very important part is rendering the wheel in 3D in order to create a photo-realistic image in different colours. In this way it is possible to gain a first impression of what the wheel will look like on the car later. These pictures are then presented to the whole team who decide about the next steps.

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Technical Drawing

When the development phase is finished 2D sets of drawings are produced for all applications. After that the drawings used to develop the mould are transferred to production.

rim construction
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